The Queer Trans Family Building Group

Monthly, virtual information and support for LGBTQ+ folks who are trying to conceive, adopt, already expecting and parenting. Organized and facilitated in partnership with Morgane Richardson, co-founder of Woven Bodies.

Upcoming Workshops:

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All Things Lactation: Non-Traditional Infant Feeding Relationships

When: Sunday, May 24th at 1pm EDT

Where: Online! (a digital workshop)

Myth-buster: Lots of people - regardless of gender, anatomy, or hormones - can make milk for their babies! That's right, nursing is not just for ciswomen, and you don't have to birth a baby to do it. Nursing has so much to offer babies in terms of connection, nutrition and immune protection. Come and learn all about what makes human milk so incredible, and what's involved with making sure your baby gets some. We'll talk about induced lactation, co-nursing (when more than one parent wants to nurse), and nursing after top surgery, as well as covering lactation basics. Come with lots of questions!

Click here to sign up and join us for this workshop with special presenter Tanya Wills, midwife and founder of Manhattan Birth.

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Second Parent Adoption

When: Monday, June 17th at 6:00pm EDT

Where: Online! (a digital workshop)

Wait, what is second parent adoption? Do I really need to do a second parent adoption if we're already married? How much is this going to cost us and how long will it take? Join our speakers for a workshop that answers all your burning questions on second parent adoption in NYC. This workshop will shed light on the often daunting process for parents, expectant parents and those thinking about conceiving. Our guest speakers will guide you through the steps in the process, legal costs, and will be able to answer some of your specific questions.

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Previous Workshops:


Choosing A Care Provider

Do you want to get your pregnancy care with a midwife, obstetrician, family practice MD, or nurse practitioner? Where do you want to give birth? At home? In a birth center? In a hospital? In a birth center in a hospital? There are so many questions!! How do you figure out which one is right for you? 

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Understanding the Reproductive Cycle & How to Get Pregnant

Join midwives Chloe Lubell and Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser for a workshop on getting pregnant for queer and trans folks.