The Queer Trans Family Building Group

The Queer Trans Family Building Group (QTFBG) provides monthly, virtual information and support for LGBTQ+ folks who are trying to conceive, adopt, already expecting and parenting. Organized and facilitated in partnership with Morgane Richardson, co-founder of Woven Bodies.

Upcoming Workshops:


Choosing A Care Provider

March 17th 2019, 1:00pm

Do you want to get your pregnancy care with a midwife, obstetrician, family practice MD, or nurse practitioner? Where do you want to give birth? At home? In a birth center? In a hospital? In a birth center in a hospital? There are so many questions!! How do you figure out which one is right for you? 

Previous Workshops:

Getting Pregnant Flyer.jpg

Understanding the Reproductive Cycle & How to Get Pregnant

February 18th 2019, 6:30pm

Join midwives Chloe Lubell and Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser for a workshop on getting pregnant for queer and trans folks.