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Amber + Marley

Birth Doula Services


“Amanda is an incredible doula. Physically, she is strong, with the ability to precisely press, lift, knead, and manipulate exactly where I needed. I joked after that she was almost as good as an epidural.

Emotionally, they are empathetic and caring, with invariably measured, thoughtful responses to questions (and crisis of confidence.) I've also never met a better listener in my life, which is a rare and really beautiful thing to find in a person, and made me feel very HEARD, and calm, and cared for. 

It was about 27 hours of labour, and Amanda was there for the deepest of it, offering support to both me and my husband as needed, and a helping hand after to clean up after our home birth. We love Amanda!”


Joanna + Matt

Birth Doula Services

“We were so lucky to have Amanda as our doula! It was important to us that we have a doula who was down to earth and would support us in making the best decisions for us, whatever they might turn out to be, and Amanda totally fit the bill. When I went into labor two and a half weeks early on a day Amanda had already attended another birth, she came right away and stayed with us through a 19 hour hospital labor that included several non-medicated hours, an epidural, pitocin, and eventually a c-section! Through it all Amanda made sure we understood what our options were and that we were given the time to make them, and we came out of an experience that was full of surprises feeling confident in the choices we made. We would recommend her wholeheartedly!”


Andréa + Maxime

Birth Doula Services

“We were so lucky to match with Amanda early on in my pregnancy. She provided me with moral support, practical pregnancy support and invaluable birth partner support. As first time queer parents it was important that we worked with someone who could understand our perspective and help us navigate a traditionally heteronormative space (pregnancy). I felt cared for and deeply safe during my unexpected early induction. After being with us through one of the most intimate and life altering experiences, it feels like Amanda is family and we're excited to have her see how baby grows up.”



Birth Doula Services

“My experience with Amanda as my birth doula was nothing short of incredible. As a young first-time mom, I didn't have any friends or acquaintances my age who had experienced pregnancy and birth before and was feeling pretty lost. I also struggled with severe anxiety throughout the pregnancy, and had a very difficult time distinguishing normal pregnancy symptoms from the scary ones. When I found Amanda, she showered me with resources like where to find free childbirth education classes, links to evidence-based articles, and showed me comfort measures to cope with contractions. My birth ended up being lightning-fast, and she was there to support me through a surprising and intense labor. During labor, she deepened my confidence in my body's ability to give birth to my nearly 9-pound baby!”


Jess + Kevin

Birth Doula Services

“Amanda was everything we were looking for in a doula. We very specifically needed someone who would take charge when we both felt clueless, and who could anticipate some of our needs as the labor progressed. Amanda is a gifted advocate and read our needs so well. We had a surprise induction, and Amanda checked in with us regularly until the moment we absolutely needed her with us at the hospital, at which point her presence was so welcome.Throughout our labor, Amanda was much a support person for me in labor, as well as for my husband. When our labor went sideways and ultimately became a c section, she waited with my husband while I was in post-op, and stayed with us in recovery. We can't imagine having gone through this experience without her. Even in postpartum, Amanda has been a wealth of gentle, helpful resources. We are so exceptionally grateful for having gotten to work with her.”



Birth Doula Services

“Amanda was very knowledgeable about birth and the postpartum period and was totally open and nonjudgmental about the various interventions available to us and the pros and cons of using them. She was at our apartment shortly after we requested her during my labor, went to the hospital with us, and stayed with us through a quick breastfeeding tutorial after our baby was born. She also had a wealth of information on referrals for recovery after baby. What I really appreciated was that her manner was always calm and warm. I would absolutely recommend her services to other first-time mothers.”


MC + Patrick

Birth Doula Services

“There are a million wonderful things we could say about Amanda, but perhaps it would be easiest to break it down into how great she was in both preparation for birth and in action the day of:

PREP: Amanda was able to hit the ground running. My partner and I reached out to her two weeks before our due date, and were able to schedule an interview within days. Given how little time we had before the birth, she was very flexible about our prenatal appointments; we managed to cover everything necessary in one prenatal appointment since we didn't have time for two. She came prepared but never rushed it. It helped that Amanda is immensely knowledgeable and great at communicating that knowledge with us. We especially appreciated how thoughtful she was about labor and delivery with a queer, non-binary birthing parent. We felt immediately comfortable with her - no adjustment period necessary!

LABOR AND DELIVERY: We had an unusual delivery in that my water broke early and I never naturally started contractions. Amanda was very easy to get a hold of and easy to communicate with, helping us determine the best time for her to meet us at the hospital. She was very flexible about working around our needs, equally willing to pick up food or coffee for us as she was to help with the nuts and bolts of delivery - helping me get to the bathroom with my IV pole, suggesting different positions, or just holding my hand or my leg as I labored. During the painful or stressful parts of labor, Amanda was an absolute rock, providing us with comfort and information right when we both needed it. Plus, she is so easy to talk to, which made the hours go by all the faster!

It was not the easiest birth, but both my partner and I will always be grateful that Amanda was part of it. Her support, comfort, and knowledge made a sometimes boring, sometimes scary, often painful labor ultimately a very fulfilling and magical process. We cannot recommend Amanda more highly!”



Birth Doula Services


“At first I didn’t even know what a doula was! Amanda ended up doing an amazing job, way better than I ever imagined. It wouldn’t have been the same without her. I would have been alone, stressed, and anxious. As a young new mother by myself, it ended up being so important for me to have a doula. Amanda stuck with me no matter what. Even when she got tired, she stayed. She helped create a comfortable environment and passed the time with me talking about shared interests. She was great at giving massages and applying counter pressure (miracle hands!). I don’t think I would have been able to contract as long as I did without that support. Amanda is going to help so many more women out there make an unknown, scary situation a fun experience. I never thought I would have fun giving birth... made me want to do it again!”



Birth Doula Services

"Amanda was absolutely wonderful as my doula. She has a natural gift and special passion for what she does... supportive, understanding, calming, composed, thoughtful, respectful, intuitive and so pleasant. She was the extra support me and my partner needed, as I am new to NYC and don't have friends and family in the city. She helped me stay true to my non-medicated birthplan, even after 2 days and 13 hours in labor. I'm so grateful that she was part of my child's birth and I would highly recommend her in the future."