Birth Doula Support

As a birth worker, I am dedicated to supporting you and your family during the childbearing and birthing process.

During Pregnancy

  • We will have one to two prenatal visits where I will gather information about you, your priorities and preferences, hopes, and any concerns about your birth.

  • I will provide email, text, and phone support throughout your pregnancy.

  • In preparation for delivery, I will be on call for you 24/7 starting week 37.

During Labor & Delivery

  • I will provide continuous emotional, physical and informational support.

  • I will remain with you for one to two hours after delivery, and assist with initial infant feeding and bonding.


  • Within two weeks of the birth, we will have one postpartum visit to discuss your birth experience, address any questions you have, and visit with you and your baby. Additional postpartum services can be discussed if you are interested!