My deep appreciation for the power of pregnancy and birth, combined with a desire to advocate for client centered and informed reproductive practices, drew me to pursue my path as a doula. I am a full spectrum labor & postpartum doula trained through Ancient Song Doula Services. I credit my own mother - who spoke of her pregnancies as magical and filled with love - for nurturing my passion for birth from a young age. Whether you're loving pregnancy, really struggling with it, feeling something in between or all of it at once - I'm here to listen and support you!

I came to birth work through years of experience supporting families as a social worker. My passion for social and reproductive justice initially led me into a career supporting families through sexual health, adoption, and grief support. In addition to my role as a doula, I currently work in LGBTQIA+ family building at a community center in Manhattan. 

As a doula, I utilize emotional, informational, and physical support as well as active listening, calming patience, and laughter to build trusting relationships. I believe that all birthing persons and their partner(s) deserve to feel affirmed, attuned to, and cared for. My practice supports all bodies, all genders, and all sexualities.

A child of the northeast, I made my way to Brooklyn six years ago. Outside of work, I love to spend time singing, arts and crafting, playing in nature and nurturing relationships with my friends and family.